Why did I create eFinch.com?

It became clear to me that the promise of the internet, the sharing of information, goes far beyond university research or your kid's homework. We use it to answer every question in our lives from how does the toast know when to come out of the toaster to why do dogs eat grass. With few things as important to people as our leisure time and the hobbies that occupy that time, we now use the internet to search out answers to questions we have about our hobbies. When I first started with finches nearly 30 years ago, I had many questions (actually I still have many) about what do they eat and what to do when they start laying eggs. That's why I started eFinch.com. I wanted to offer my views and my approach to aviculture in a modern medium that is often people's first choice for information.

With it said that these are my views and approach to keeping and raising finches, you may have a distinctly different approach than the one I have taken. Just because I have written something does not make it so. At least not for you. These techniques work for me. The views offered here may give you ideas of what you would like to do with your own finches or you may wonder why my finches are still alive or haven't attacked me like some Hitchcock movie. Point being, be observant of your birds and what is normal for them and watch them carefully after initiating any changes.

So you've got something to say?

Got a comment or a suggestion? Need to ask a question? All are welcome and most of the time get a response. Actually, I try to respond to each and every e-mail I receive. Sometimes I get a little behind. Please be aware that a response may take several days or more for me to get around to (This is not my day job).

If you are having a finch health related emergency, I may not be your best choice for advice. There is often very little I can do in the way of "guess-ignosis" of your bird's health problem over the internet anyway. A vet or the help of a local breeder who can come see your bird may be the best option. The delay in my response time could end up being fatal to your finch, so please keep this in mind when writing to me about emergencies.


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