ZEBRA FINCHES (Exhibition)
Grays $40/pair
Lightbacks $40/pair
European Penguins $130/pair
Chestnut Flanked Whites (Continental variety) $80/pair
Black Breasted $50/pair
Timor Zebra Finches (ask about availability) $70/pair
European Societies

Most birds are close banded. Not all varieties are available at all times. Availability is a reflection of what my interests are at the time. Bird prices are subject to change and vary based on quality of stock and availability. Some birds of show quality or combinations of mutations will be higher. Quantity discounts are sometimes available. E-mail me to check on current availability and prices.

Minimum purchase of birds is $250 on shipped orders. Shipping charge is the actual shipping costs from Continental or Delta + $20 for Horizon shipping box and fuel surcharge. Larger orders of birds may require multiple shipping boxes and additional costs. All livestock sales are final. Absolutely no exchanges or refunds (biosecurity reasons). Live arrival is guaranteed on all same day deliveries. Some exceptions do apply and exceptions will be noted prior to sale and delivery of such birds. Live arrival is not guaranteed on two day deliveries or if you fail to pick the birds up immediately upon arrival. May not be responsible for return delivery of DOAs or return shipping costs.