"I knew there was a catch!"

I was reading through the archives of a bird listserv when I came across a post where someone was referencing my website. I had to laugh when the person wrote something like, "Of course they're trying to sell something, but if you get past that there is some good information there." While I was pleased the person found the site helpful in some way, I was amazed that they thought my site was a commercial venture. That the focus of the website was sales, sales, sales.

If that is not the focus, why have anything for sale? Why the merchandise and specials? Quite simply, this is stuff that I wanted. In looking around for t-shirts, or coffee mugs or anything that featured finches, all I ever found was parrot products galore. I could never find anything with a darn finch I recognized. Being a graphic artist, I started making things on my own. Quite often that meant that I had to produce 100 or 200 of something if I wanted them. I wanted a shirt, but what was I going to do with 200 of them. Well, here we are. I figured, if I was looking for this finch stuff, there were likely others who wanted it as well. This is all the stuff I wanted and made for myself and here's the surplus or access to the places that make it for me. Sure, on a couple of things I actually make a whole dollar, but I won't be giving up my day job and retiring from my income on finch stuff. Heck, I'd be happy if it actually made enough to just pay the monthly hosting fees for the site. Mostly I just wanted to share the things that I enjoyed and to promote the hobby of finch aviculture.

Finch-on-a-Stick Mugs
Available directly from Cafepress, a wide selection of finch mugs.
Click to see the Finch-on-a-Stick series of mugs.
Finch Journals
These journals are filled with 80 blank pages and are perfect for use in the birdroom. Jot down those notes of which birds you want to set up later, when eggs were laid, etc.
Finch Caps
Embroidered Zebra Finch Cap

Pigment dyed 100% cotton caps are low-profile and so comfortable that they fit your head like a glove.

The embroidered art was designed from an actual photograph (click to see the original). It has a high stitch count and uses 8 different colored threads.

Available in Khaki or Navy. One size fits most heads.

$16 + $4s/h

E-mail for availability. hats@efinch.com

Finch Calendars - 2005
eFinch Friends of Feather

Here are some finch related products available from my friends. They are available directly from the source. eFinch.com is not involved in the sale and does not make any money from the transaction. I simply believe in these people and their products and would like to help promote them in the finch world.

Robert G. Black - Books and Data Sheets
A foremost authority on the nutrition of finches, Robert has been raising finches for over 45 years and cared for over 40 species. His books on nutrition and finch health are first rate. His booklet on fostering with society finches is a must for anyone who is interested in successful techniques fostering a variety of species and the newly updated Nutrition of Finches and Other Cage Birds covers all the nutrient needs of cage birds.

Click to see Robert Black's books and Data Sheets

Sally Huntington - Finch Note Cards and Travel Cages
A panel judge and regional Vice-President of the Pacific coast for the NFSS (National finch and Softbill Society - USA), Sally has been raising finches for over 15 years. Her passion for finches shows in the details of her original artwork now available on blank note cards. Her first-hand knowledge of the difficulties associated with traveling to show locations and the damage suffered by traditional show cages, inspired a folding cage show cage. This cage also works well as a hospital cage.

Click for Folding Show Cages
Click for Finch Note Cards